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Our services

We promise to give the utmost care and attention to every piece you bring to us - whether it’s a multi-million dollar Picasso, or photos from your last family vacation. We know that your artwork and the memories they evoke are precious to you, so we strive to match that with the detail we put into our frames. Our selection of readymade frames and custom framing services have been honed over 3 decades to display any artwork, contemporary or traditional, in the way it was intended.

We believe that art deco pieces deserve masterfully styled frames to complement their bold yet sleek geometric forms, Renaissance masterpieces should be framed with the same grandeur of the pieces themselves, and your contemporary art should feature the same clean lines and elegant tones. Whatever style or feeling you wish your artwork and your home to convey, we can enhance it with our frames.

Readymade Frames

We carry a selection of hundreds of readymade frames in a wide variety of styles and price points. Don’t be intimidated by the large number of choices - we’ll guide you through the design process to help you find exactly the right frame to enhance your artwork.

Custom Frames

Have an idea for how you want your frame to look? We can make it. Our craftsman will work with you to depict any style, with any wood, in any color, and incorporate any ornamentation that you can dream up. Bring us your ideas and we’ll bring them into reality.